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Campaigns do 0.6% points better with Deck

Now that it is May I am working to set up my first-ever garden. For years before joining Deck I worked as a gardener and landscaper and after (yet another) recent move I finally have the space to set up a garden for myself.

But after years of following instructions striking out on my own in both exhilarating and a little scary. I feel like I did when I first worked as a field director on a campaign, excited to create something new that was my own but overwhelmed by information.
Just like I am trying to figure out what works best for me in my garden at Deck we are working to figure out what works best for campaigns. There are many ways to find answers to questions but in this newsletter specifically, I want to talk through the importance of conducting experiments and how they help us find answers to questions.
0.6% Advantage with Deck

At Deck, our research director Alan Yan designs, conducts and analyzes the results from experiments about campaigns on topics from candidate occupation to earned media and relational outreach. But now Alan has been working on figuring out how Deck users performed last cycle. His research fits into a much larger constellation of efforts to understand who we work with and how we can better help campaigns. Our team conducted over 20 interviews with users and partners to get feedback and we created 4 specific case studies to drill down into what each campaign used Deck for. But Alan conducted a research study on our campaign results.
How campaign’s did with Deck

We looked at the 738 campaigns that used Deck last cycle and controlled for factors that make each campaign different like district makeup, candidate incumbency, Biden’s performance in 2020, and our initial forecast for the campaign before they started using Deck.

After analysis, we found that campaigns that used Deck did 0.6 pp better than non-Deck users and 0.8 pp better than Biden’s performance. While this amount may not seem like much, in close races it can make all the difference. We are going to continue to ask and attempt to answer big questions about how campaigns work best and will share the results as we go! 
New Marketing Website!

I also wanted to announce that we are launching our new marketing website! Here you can find lots of information from testimonials to our new list of products. Wherever you have landed in the political ecosystem over the last few years we have a tool for you. 

See our new marketing website
Resources + Readings 

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Apply to the July Arena Academy 201: this training is designed for experiences campaigners looking to level up their management skills to run programs.
AORTA: anti-oppression training and workshops. 
Thanks for reading today, please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see you on Deck!