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November 9, 2021
This past election cycle showed us the work organizations need to do to help Democratic campaigns win. Prioritizing outreach and talking to the right people is essential for successful campaigns going into 2022.

That’s why the team at Deck built Mesa for organizations to win Democratic campaigns. Deck has spent the last five years helping over 1,200 organizations and campaigns like Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Swing Left target the right voters. Mesa gives your organization guidance on which races to influence, targets of which voters to contact, and the tools to contact them.

Mesa’s powerful targeting tools give your organization easy to use and actionable data information. All you have to do is create a list of targeted races and Mesa gives you predictions for candidates’ support and the likelihood of winning, custom lists, and a digital ads tool to put your lists to work. With Mesa, you can work in multiple districts, from federal to local, all at once.

At Mesa, we build models to predict the behavior of voters and outcomes of elections. We do this by analyzing data on real voter and campaign behavior. We use voter and candidate traits and contextual information like campaign finance, past election results, media mentions, and socio-economic data to create individual voter-level scores. Unlike other industry models made with polling or survey results, our models can accurately predict voter behavior and election results all the way down the ballot to the state and local level. And because they incorporate real voter data, they update daily as the state of each race changes. You can read more about what makes our models unique and how to target across districts here.

These models help your organization prioritize outreach to the people and races where you can have the most impact. After selecting a list of targeted races, Mesa gives you the likelihood of winning and candidate support in each district. These scores help you decide which races need the most support.

In Virginia this cycle, our average error was between 1.9 and 3.3 points across the state. Going into election night Mesa’s predictions were by far the most pessimistic on the market and unfortunately for Democrats this cycle, they were correct. Mesa predicted Democrats would hold 49 house of delegate seats this cycle and Democrats won 48 seats. This information is invaluable for your organization to make informed decisions on which races to influence.

Now that you’ve decided which races to target, Mesa gives you the tools to contact the right voters. With our individual-level scores, Mesa builds lists for your organization to persuade, turnout, organize, register, and fundraise across districts. Mesa uses a combination of our individual level voter scores that predict turnout, persuadability, support, and contributor likelihood, voter traits, and contactability to ensure you have the best list possible. Your organization can even run ballot request, return, and curing programs using Mesa’s vote-by-mail scores. You can target your voters by exporting lists optimized for phone, mail, or email programs or running a digital ad.

Mesa’s built-in digital ads tool lets you boost posts right in the app or configure a custom audience. Configuring, launching, and monitoring the success of Facebook ads can be tricky. Mesa simplifies the process so you can spend more time prioritizing your outreach and less time figuring out the Facebook ads interface. After building your targeted list in Mesa, you select a Facebook post to boost, set an object, name, and budget, and Mesa handles the rest. You can then monitor the success of your ad right in the app. If you want to create an ad directly in Facebook, Mesa also seamlessly exports custom audiences so you can configure details to your heart’s content. Mesa allows you to have as much or as little involvement in building an ad as you would like.

Mesa is built for all types of political organizations that want to win all types of democratic campaigns with varying levels of data experience. We give you guidance, targets, and tools to make a difference. Mesa also has a dedicated support and software staff to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Your organization can get access to Mesa for $1,000 per month per state plus export fees. If your organization wants to work nationally, 5 states or more is $5,000/per month.

With Mesa you can join organizations like Swing Left in winning Democratic campaigns across the country. Learn more by emailing or sign up for a demo here.

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