Deck finds the right donors
for your campaign.

How do we calculate our scores?

Georgia Voter
We have developed our contributor score and ask amount estimations for both in district and out of district donors, specifically for your campaign. You can easily segment donor prospects into different tactics and messages without spending hours wading through their donor history.

These scores use real campaign contribution history and help your campaign get the right ask to the right donors. Deck’s scores are campaign and candidate specific, we look at whether donors have donated to similar candidates in the past, specifically looking at candidate traits and ideological stances that match your candidate and campaign. Learn more.

How Much Does a Record Cost?

Deck has calculated how much each donor prospect should be asked for based on their past giving. We have set the base record fee of each donor prospect as 10% on that projected value, base records will cost between $0.10 and $0.50. In addition to the base record fee we offer custom export addons to append to that record, ranging from cell phone numbers, emails, addresses and even past giving histories.