Making Digital Easy

Becky Fast
Johnson County Commissioner Kansas

Becky Fast is a teacher and former city councilor who was first elected to the Johnson County Commission in 2018. This year she was running for re-election with limited time and resources. Fast wanted to run targeted Facebook ads but was unsure of how to build an audience to make sure the right voters got the right message. Creating audiences for Facebook ads in a specific voting district is difficult, especially with recent changes made to Facebook’s ad targeting for political campaigns. 

Deck provided the tech tools needed for Fast to run a low-effort, high-impact digital campaign. Deck’s data visualizations helped Fast craft her path to victory in 2022. Fast then used Deck’s list-builder tool to create audiences and easily make adjustments to Deck’s recommended lists for her specific strategy.  

Fast looked to other campaigns’ success to shape her digital strategy. She saw short videos racking up interactions and likes, and so ran a series of videos promoting her campaign. In all, Fast spent $6,411 on ads and generated 9,275,370 impressions. Fast won her race with 64% of the vote this cycle after winning in 2018 by only 575 votes. Fast used Deck’s digital advertising tools to quickly and easily run targeted ads that fit her strategy and reminded her district of her successes.