Fundraising’s New Horizon

Campaigns increasingly use texting as a low-cost and low-effort way to solicit small-dollar donations. Peer to Peer (p2p) texting helps campaigns reach younger voters, reach potential donors across multiple platforms, and grow their digital fundraising audience. 

Campaigns up and down the ballot made use of Deck’s Fundraising lists for texting this cycle. Some notable examples also include John Fetterman for Senate (PA), Tim Walz for Governor (MN), Tony Evers for Governor (WI), and Jason Crow for Congress (CO). Deck’s Fundraising lists are successful because they find campaign in-district supporters that are also likely to contribute to the campaign. Deck’s fundraising scores are campaign specific and use real individual-level donor history to predict future contributions. 

Finding supporters and raising money

Rep. Ryan’s campaign used Deck’s Fundraising lists to run a peer-to-peer texting program to solicit donations. They texted a list of about 250,000 people in April of 2022 and raised over $13,000 in one pass. Rep. Jason Crow’s campaign did a similar smaller-scale effort and texted 4,600 potential donors, and raised $800. In each of these examples, the campaign raised money, identified new supporters, grew their “opt-in” texting lists for future passes, and learned more about their existing and potential donor bases.