Campaigning in a newly drawn district

Kevin Hertel
MI Senate, District 12

After serving three terms in the Michigan state house, Kevin Hertel ran for State Senate in the new 12th district. Senator Hertel flipped the seat and helped Democrats take control of the chamber for the first time in 40 years, securing a Democratic trifecta.

As a Representative, Hertel advocated for public education, infrastructure, and helped lead the charge on raising Michigan’s minimum wage. He needed a new strategy to secure voters for his Senate race in the previously Republican district. With Deck, Hertel’s team created an effective campaign to target his voters. 

“In close races, every vote counts.” 

Hertel decided not to take to any chances and used all of Deck’s features to reach his supporters. To reach the right voters, Senator Hertel exported Deck’s persuasion lists specific for each tactic: knocking on doors, text banking, phonebanking, and sending mail. He found success by running Facebook ads to reach voters who supported his policies on critical issues. Deck’s targeted lists made it easy to reach the right voters with the right message, sending Facebook ads about union endorsements to his persuasion audience and ads about  the environment to his turnout audience. 

Because he targeted the right voters, Senator Hertel bested his opponent and secured his seat by only 400 votes. “In close races, every vote counts,” Hertel shared. Using Deck, his team focused on giving the right message to the most important targets, running a more efficient campaign.